Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I know it has been too long since I have last posted. I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Sunday:-)

Favorite kind of car in my favorite kind of scene -

Back roads around Charlestown

Although most places besides coffee shops were closed today; it was nice to walk around and see the signs of Spring! (Yes, it is still cold here!)

Wispy Fence-

Which do you think looks better? In color or in black and white? I couldn't decide.

Tree trunks from this perspective really are so much better:)


  1. Wow strong root.
    Great photos!
    This car is so cool!

  2. I love the fence in color. Your photos are brilliant. I really love the car shot too :)

  3. I opt for the black and white. The contrast with the color looks nice but seems to say to me only the the fence is old and falling apart. The B&W speaks to me and says - Yes - I am old! - but I was here before you and I'll still be here long after you. It speaks of strength and resilience.

  4. Thanks for the responses! This is true, the color is nice for spring but the black and white does "say" more.

    Its nice to read how others interpret my photos:-)

  5. On the tree trunk in the last picture, i see the shape of a man... like abe lincoln or something! Is it just me?

    - Veronica

  6. Nice series ! Good job.