Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unpacking & Coldness**

Almost two weeks ago, I've moved to a new location, I literally moved from one "town" to another "town":-) I love my new town, it is very cultural, and offers many ethnic food shops which I absolutely love. Upon moving and while unpacking, I've come to the conclusion that I have too many clothes! (*Insert applause from my husband since I have finnaly realized this*!!) Luckily, the new apartment has come with two closets ("wow!") which is better than our previous one closet apartment. Now, we each have our own closet! (*insert applause from myself*) However, I honestly do have too many clothes, and too many scarves!!

The apartment we moved into is a rennovated house built in 1910, I can't help but wonder if the door knobs are authentic, they are so pretty.

Thank you Martha Stewart, for helping an unorganized girl get organized!

**Titled "Unpacking & Coldness" because I've been doing a lot of unpacking and todays forecast read "28 degrees, feels like 12 degrees"!!

How do you guys stay organized? I still have so many sheets and towels with no place to store them, I am thinking of purchasing some decorative boxes to store them in; (source: homedecormaker)


  1. I too am glad for your Epiphany . You do indeed have too many clothes. But want to hear something more shocking? I just may have more clothes than you.... which is a thought which truly haunts me.

    But anyways, the doorknobs are really nice!

    I stay organized by using many little boxes/shelves!

  2. Nice pictures as glad you are more ogranized now,, so that i can
    find a comfy place to take cat naps during the day in the dark closet :)

  3. Amanda, I love the the trunk idea for storing your towels and sheets. No one will ever have to know what's in them and they are great decorative pieces!

  4. I'm really enjoying the direction you're taking your blog in. Any way we can see more pictures "around the house" so curious of this 1910 apt.

  5. yeah, also interest to see the new apt - 1910, crazy!
    i'm also a big fan of boxes in staying organized. it's just such a simple, affordable way to stay organized and keep everything looking nice.